Matters of the Heart Study Workbook

Matters of the Heart Study Workbook

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Our feelings and emotions are indicators that let us know the condition of our heart. Many people, however, run from their feelings and would rather hide their emotions failing to realize God gives us feelings and even He feels. Like anything, God has given us it can be used out of context, out of order, and out of line with what He desires for our lives and all this leads to is confusion and frustration. However, if we can learn how to use what God has given us, like our emotions, in line with His will and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we can truly experience power, freedom, and emotional stability. So, how do we clearly hear the signals our heart is sending us so we can respond in a healthy way that brings growth and maturity? Well, that's what this entire series is all about. If there is a book in the Bible that is going to guide and help us on this journey, it is the book of Psalms. The Psalms uses poetry and songs to express a vast range of emotions and feelings from anger to joy, anxiety to desire, guilt to gratefulness, and despair to insecurity. We’re going to discuss all these emotions and more by studying the Psalms to become the emotionally healthy women God is calling us to be. If you're tired of being pushed around by your feelings, bullied by your emotions, and confused by your heart; then this is the Bible study journal for you.

Each chapter ends with a study guiding containing Bible reading assignments, discussion questions and prayer making this a great resource for individual or group use. 

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