Believing Better Digital Download + Study Guide

Believing Better Digital Download + Study Guide

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The false thinking we choose to believe about God is detrimental to our relationship with God. In fact, it is the very source of our struggle to live for God in the first place. The "Believing Better" 4 Session Video Bible Study unpacks Matthew 4:1-11 to pull out lessons from all three temptations Jesus faces in the wilderness. This study will expose 3 major lies the enemy uses to get us off track and help us learn how to practically combat each lie with God’s truth. This Bible Study will empower you to: 

  • Boldly fulfill the purpose God has placed on your life.
  • Stop falling for the temptations of this world and freely live for God.
  • Overcome life’s challenges and obstacles to live a life of peace, hope, and joy.

It’s time we fight the lies holding us back because we cannot start doing better until we start believing better. 


 4 Video or Audio Sessions + PDF Study Guides

  • Session 1: Victory in the Wilderness (25:11)
  • Session 2: God is Enough (20:48)
  • Session 3: Pick Up Your Sword (21:11)
  • Session 4: Where True Victory Lies (19:44)


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