Abide Digital Download

Abide Digital Download

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I was in an intense season of hustling and striving. My to-do list was never ending and I was drowning in thoughts that I wasn’t doing enough. It was then that the Lord gently led me to study John 15 where Jesus gives final instructions to His disciples before His death on the cross. Does He give them a lengthy to-do list or detailed military strategy for the struggles they’ll face ahead? No. In 3 power-packed words Jesus gives them all the instruction they’d need:

Abide in Me.

Jesus' simple instruction frees us from placing unrealistic and unnecessary expectations on ourselves and leads us to a more free, joyful, and fruitful life. 

Are you weary from always trying so hard? Are you sick of hustling and feeling like you are not making the impact you desire? This Bible study will help you to break the chains of striving and release you from the need to prove yourself.

“Abide: Learning to Live a Fruitful and Joyful Life” is a 2 session Bible study series that will teach you:

  • What abiding in Christ means.
  • How to practice abiding in Christ every day.
  • The connection between abiding in Christ and experiencing the joy of the Lord.
  • The difference between busy work and a meaningful and fruitful life.


2 Video or Audio Sessions

  • Session 1: Abide Part 1 (30:26)
  • Session 2: Abide Part 2 (17:18)


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