Relentless Joy Video Bible Study Series

Relentless Joy Video Bible Study Series

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Joy often seems unattainable in times of uncertainty and difficulty. The Bible however, promises believers a lasting joy from the Lord greater than our circumstances. If you desire to experience joy even in the face of challenges, Christina Patterson welcomes you to her 12 session Bible Study “Relentless Joy.” The Apostle Paul wrote the book of Philippians at a time of considerable uncertainty. He was in prison and not sure if he would live or die. However, Paul did not write to the Philippians to complain about his situation. He wrote to gush over how joyful he was in Christ, as well as to convey his hope for the Philippians to experience this same joy. For every reason Paul had to be discouraged, he relentlessly found more reasons to be joyful. Through this study of Philippians you will learn:

  • The difference between lasting joy and temporary happiness
  • How to fight for your joy - How to make the joy of the Lord your strength
  • What habits lead to experiencing joy

Video Sessions Include:

  • Session 1: He Who Began a Good Work in You WIll Bring it to Completion (16:06)
  • Session 2: Fight for Your Joy (13:41)
  • Session 3: A Hope that Leads to Joy (10:21)
  • Session 4: Do Nothing Our of Selfish Ambition (11:12)
  • Session 5: Having the Mind of Christ (12:27)
  • Session 6: Work Out Your Own Salvation with Fear & Trembling (10:23)
  • Session 7: The Joy of Being Present (6:40)
  • Session 8: Put No Confidence in the Flesh (14:11)
  • Session 9: Forgetting What Lies Behind and Straining Forward (9:31)
  • Session 10: The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength (9:18)
  • Session 11: Do Not Be Anxious About Anything (8:56)
  • Session 12: I Can Do All Things Who Strengthens Me (12:05)

This video Bible Study is designed to accompany the "Relentless Joy" Bible Study guide; however, it may also be completed as a standalone study. Find the strength to fight for your joy today with the “Relentless Joy” Bible study.